Established in 1994, today we are the leading PET manufacturer in the Baltic states. With ISO 9001 quality, ISO1400 environmental management certificates and BRC Global Standard for packaging and packaging materials.

Putokšnis have been focused on product quality. Our policy is to manage production activities in order to fulfill client’s expectations and needs with product which follow highest global standards in using innovative technological solutions, in working with PET resin and additive market leaders. We continuously developing personnel skills.

We support bottled water, beer, juice, soft drink, alcoholic beverage producers as well as other customers in 25 countries across Western, Central and Eastern Europe as well as Scandinavia. They trust us not only for high quality PET products, but also for a wide range of benefits they get in production optimization and cost saving, closed-loop partnerships, eco-friendly packaging solutions (with recycled materials).

Our story

Established in 1994
First PET bottle stretch blow molding line in 1995
First injection molding line in 1997
ISO 9001 certification in 1999
First Husky Index Production System in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia – 2000
ISO14001 certification in 2000
Dosing equipment installation allowing up to 50% of PET flakes dosage – 2012
BRC certification in 2013
Social Responsibility Policy implementation in 2014
Infrastructure modernization and Value Added Partnership program launch in 2015
Investment in the newest preforms injection moulding machine allowing to dose up to 100% of PET pellets and flakes in 2016
Company is starting with new direction and business strategy, moving towards sustainability and circular economy model, amid plastics industry transformation in 2017


Our production facility is situated in Northern Lithuania – a logistically convenient location, ensuring prompt supply of PET products to customers in Western, Central and Eastern Europe as well as Scandinavia.


Our values:

  • Act bravely
  • Respect oneself and environment
  • Better everyday

Headquarters & Injection Molding Factory

Total annual capacity: 2.5 billion preforms (2020)
Equipment: 10 HUSKY injection moulding machines + 1 SIPA injection moulding machine
Year of construction: 2005
Total area: 10 162 m2
Land plot: 3.5 ha
Address: Aerouosto str. 35, LT-77103 Siauliai, Lithuania

Stretch-Blow Molding Factory

Total annual capacity: 80 million PET bottles
Equipment: 2 stretch blow moulding machines and 1 injection stretch blow molding machine
Address: Aerouosto str. 35, LT-77103 Siauliai, Lithuania


  • Own warehousing capabilities
  • Logistics to any European country
  • Sea freight to customers outside Europe
  • Biggest PET resin producers in Europe closer than 150km distance, uninterrupted and safe supply

Membership & Awards

Putokšnis is a prominent member of both PET international community and Lithuania’s business society. The company is a member of the Association of Industrialists in Siauliai, Lithuanian Packaging Association as well as Ciruclar Plastics Alliance. In 2015 the company became a partner of the Lithuanian plastic cluster. Putokšnis team also takes an active part in the work of European PET recycling organizations, including PETCYCLE (Germany) and Žaliasis taškas (Lithuania).