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A bottle of your dreams? We can make it.

Our modern stretch blow molding and one-step injection-stretch blow molding systems allow us to make PET bottles with volume ranging from 0,1l to 2,5l. Furthermore, we are able to produce special plastic bottles, according to your individual needs.

Our solutions

  • 0,1 l to 2,5l capacity bottles
  • Bottles for beer, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, alcohol, juice, edible oil, vinegar and household chemistry
  • Transparent and colored bottles
  • Custom-made bottles
  • Special purpose, limited edition bottles

Benefits you get

  • Product weight optimization
  • Production optimization
  • Technical support
  • Consulting
  • Check the full list

Bottles product catalogue

Volume Neck standard Download PDF
0.1/1 ALCO ROPP 28x18 Download
0.2/1 long ALCO ROPP 28x38 / ROPP 28x18 Download
0.5/9 long ALCO ROPP 28x38 / ROPP 28x18 Download
0.5/12 28mm PCO 1810/1881 Download
0.5/17 28mm PCO 1810/1881 Download
0.7/2 28mm PCO 1810/1881 or ROPP 28x38 Download
1.0/10 28mm PCO 1810/1881 Download
1.0/29 28mm PCO 1810/1881 Download
1.5/5 28mm PCO 1810/1881 Download
1.5/29 28mm PCO 1810/1881 Download
2.0/8 28mm PCO 1810/1881 Download